relief valve / SuBap

Relief Valve is a project aimed at beginning a dialogue to ‘relieve the pressure’ of
pessimistic conjunctures through an exchange of symptoms, locale, and tutelary actions.

Relief Valve is an exhibition of the work of thirteen artists whose work addresses environmental issues. Using a variety of media from photography and video, to performance and installation the selected art works provide insights into land use, biodiversity and the recent controversy over genetically modified foods in Turkey.

Opening Reception: May 28, 2010 | 3-6pm
Location: George Jones Memorial Farm 1.9 miles east on State Route 511, Oberlin, Ohio

The exhibition is curated by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi-Macias.
Oberlin College, Department of Art.

Yeni Anıt, Nazan Azeri, Burçak Bingol, Genco Gülan, Güneli Gün, Erhan Muratoğlu, Suat Öğüt, Ethem Özgüven İz Öztat & Dikran Taş, A. Tufan Palalı, Mark Slankard, Eden Ünlüata.