Getting lost finding moments (2 channel video)
Created during DesignInquiry NoQuo.

Recorded by 2 random participants simultaneously wearing spy glasses 
for 20 minute intervals. Edited by Arzu Ozkal and remixed by Zack Kaiser
following the Get Lost Directions*.

The video installation was exhibitied as a part of the Get Lost Gazatteer
installation at Exchange Exhibition at Design Philadelphia 2015
in October, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA.

Watch video


* Exchanging directions - Peter Hall
"Draw a map to get lost."

Yoko Ono, Map Piece (1964) I once punched in the address of a school
I was visiting, drove for 30 minutes and then realised the iPhone GPS
was directing me to a womens' hair salon on the coast. (I'm a bald man.)
Before GPS was made available to civilians in 2000, it was common to ask
strangers for directions. These encounters were comical and poetic:
"If you get to the church, you've gone too far." But they were often invaluable,
a moment of trust, an introduction to a vernacular, a way of seeing the region
from a local perspective, a gift. "Turn right at the Coke bottle statue." 
Here are three sets of directions. Use one set, make a map of the journey
(half letter-size), scan it and send it to me. Make some new directions
and give them to someone else. Ask them to make a map, scan it and send it to me.
Ask them to make some new directions and give them to someone else, etc. 

1. Drive or bicycle counter-clockwise along the circular road until you see a bank.
Make a U-turn and keep going until you pass a gas station. When you see a general store,
stop in and buy something with which to make a map. 

2. Walk toward the water until the wind or the terrain advises you to change direction.
Pick up something with which to make a map. Repeat until you have enough
items to make the map of the journey. 

3. Ask someone to draw you a map of the route from their home to a place where they buy food.
Follow this route from where you stand to see if it leads to something edible.
Make a map of the journey.